Posada, the most beautiful beach of Sardinia


The spacious beach of Posada stretches out from the southern edge of Orvili, and so can be reached from this territory on foot, passing the mouth of the river Posada, and strolling along the magnificent surf that even in the middle of August might seem abandoned.

If you get there from Posada on the other hand, by highway SS 125, take a right turn (East) at the section that passes the town on its Northern flank, on the ring road that unfurls at the foot of the fortress of the historical center, and skims the Southern bank of the river Rio Posada.

As you follow the street, more or less when it changes direction from Eastwards to heading South, you’ll have to identify the right turn, a poorly indicated dirt road that leads to the beach; it’s a track that is best avoided, by car, in rainy periods.

Theeasiest access however is from the southern side, at the touristic location of San Giovanni, to the North of the port of Siniscola. In this case, passing through the “modern” part of Posada, on highway ss125, take the provincial road towards Posada’s seaside area San Giovanni (follow traffic sign), that is connected to the beach-area of Siniscola “La Caletta”, that is also easily reached from the town of Siniscola. On the Northern flank, near the fish farm, a little bridge will carry you over the mouth of the water basin and, on foot, you’ll reach the stunning beach itself, perfectly intact in its magnificent natural setting of plains and inland waters.

Domineered by the bluff on which the town is balanced, in its turn surmounted by the scenery of the tower of Castello della Fava, the beach of Posada is the pride of the locals, that are admirably committed to keep it intact, available to anyone who genuinely loves nature. On the side of the sea lies an open bay with a shallow seabed that absolutely stuns you with its colors: and all of it an arm’s length away for whoever is appreciative of a territory that is both the most pristine and most easily accessible of all of Sardinia… or let’s say: a foot’s length, as it’ll take you a brief walk to take it all in, in total peace.

In the vicinity you’ll find bars, restaurants, shops, and various facilities. Solitary, wild nature; amazing space; the finest white sand; a turquoise sea that is not too deep; only the Southern stretch is crowded, in high season; clean, here and there you might find some clusters of washed-up seagrass. The Tower of San Giovanni, a little to the South. You can’t miss.


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