Meeting and Conference Rooms

Village Hotel Fior di Sardegna has a Meeting and Conference Room available

Room with 100 seats
Private Meeting Room
Assembly Room
Exhibition Room

At Village Fior di Sardegna you can organize marriage ceremonies
An example of the most popular Menus:
Served at the grounds around the swimming pool, with Wine, Sparkling Wine, non-alcoholic Cocktails, and Country Appetizers.

Octopus and Clam Salad, Mussel Gratin, Triple Smoked Fish, Cured Ham Rolls with Fragrant Ricotta and Charcuterie.

First Courses
Risotto with prosecco and Sea Food, Malloreddos Pasta and Ravioli with Pecorino cheese.
Second Courses
Grilled Prawns, Scampi, Seabass filet, Sorbet, Roast Suckling Pig with Myrtle, Roast Angus Leg.

Side Dishes
Roast potatoes with herbs, Mixed Salad, Various Cheeses, Fruit Fest.

Dessert and Coffee
Cake, Coffee and Digestif.

Wines will be perfectly paired to the dishes.